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For Immediate Release   07-10-2023

News Release:

 Woodbridge Irrigation District hires Keith Bussman as Manager/Secretary /Treasurer

Keith Bussman has been hired as the General Manager of the Woodbridge Irrigation District, Woodbridge California but will also hold the title of Secretary and Treasurer.

Mr.  Bussman is a lifelong resident of San Joaquin County and is the owner and operator of his family’s vineyard near Lodi, California.   He graduated from Lincoln High School and then continued his education at San Joaquin Delta College.  Mr. Bussman holds a general engineering contractor’s license.  Keith was in the communication business and was Vice President of Pac West Telecomm in Stockton. He has owned radio stations and cell towers in Northern California and prior to joining Woodbridge Irrigation District and has worked on radio towers and engineering projects for many radio stations in the Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area and Hawaii.

Keith is a commercial pilot and enjoys flying airplanes and helicopters whenever he has the opportunity. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends. Keith has served on the Board of Directors at Woodbridge Irrigation District since 2013 and is looking forward to his new position as General Manager.

Mr. Bussman replaces former Manager, Andy Christensen who served in that position since January 1991.  The District is one of the oldest diverters of water on the Mokelumne River and holds Pre-1914 water rights and two licenses on the Mokelumne River.  Woodbridge Irrigation serves both Lodi and Stockton with raw water for domestic drinking water and over 13,000 acres within the 40,000 acre District with firm rights to 60,000 acre feet of water each year. 


For more information contact:      Anders Christensen, Former Manager/Advisor



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