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Approximately 13,000 acres of farmland are supplied with high-quality Mokelumne River water by WID, which produce various crops, such as grapes, corn, alfalfa, tomatoes, walnuts, and more. Historically, WID has served the local agricultural community with water that is critical in producing the crops in this area of the San Joaquin Valley. However, with advancements in micro-irrigation technology resulting in less water being used, WID is now also providing water to the Cities of Lodi and Stockton for municipal use.

Our Facilities

·      Diversion Dam (impounding Lodi Lake)

·      Fish Screen (at diversion canal)

·      Network of canals, laterals, & pipelines

·      Moffit Weir on Pixley Slough

·      Beaver Slough Pump Diversion